Escape from Samsara

Apr 10, 2022 | | Say something

What we call ‘consciousness’ is an affiliation with the life principle at the exclusion of death. Consciousness is the desire to live, to stave off death for another day. It organizes its routines to avoid death, and procreates so that its young may continue its line. All living creatures show this instinct for life; they all exhibit consciousness. And in her infinite wisdom, the universal mother obliges her creatures. The attachment to the life principle propels the animal ‘soul’ on an upward spiral of reincarnation until it reaches the human form. And at this zenith point of the human animal, the self may self-realize and bring the cycle of samsara to an end.
In the view of Buddhism, it is not a spiritual self that reincarnates – only the illusion of it. The enlightened Buddha exudes the original bliss of creation; he is void of the self that exists in contrast to nature. His self is reabsorbed into the resplendent form of the universal mother, never to be born again.

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