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The female archetype (or even stereotype!) is submissive to the stronger male. This refers to the male and female principles rather than to biological organisms. The law of the jungle thus goes along the following lines: the female submits to the power of the male. A peacock that dandies itself with its dazzling plumage is […more]

Artificial Intelligence and The Sex Bot

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    The Human Faculty of Attention To assess the potential threat of human replication by artificial intelligence (AI), we should examine the differences between the respective brains. We understand a computer ‘brain’ better than we do our own, for we designed it. A computer basically processes digital information (numbers), and its role as a […more]

Temet Nosce

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An alternative view on cause and effect was presented in the chapter A Cause for Every Effect. The Principle of Cause and Effect is outlined in the Kybalion: Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes […more]

Inside the Temple of Hermes

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When thought attempts to measure something it can only do so with reference to something else. Without standard references like inches or seconds, measurement has no meaning. The good or the beautiful can only be assessed in comparison with the bad or the ugly. Hot versus cold, clear versus opaque, meaning versus chaos – the […more]

Tortoise and The Hare

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MATTER is what is substantial and observable; nothing else has these qualities. Anti-matter is not a thing. If anti-matter was a thing it would be matter. While matter exists as certainty, anti-matter does exist as possibility. If something has the possibility to exist then it must exist (like complex numbers in mathematics). But it must […more]

Pearls before Swine

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If we consider that sorcery is the means of effecting change through the application of will, then there are many acts of collective sorcery that pass unnoticed on account of their being so pervasive. Any paradigm or framework of perception is in essence a mass agreement; and it assimilates everyone under its wing. Dialectic argument […more]

Rise of The Automaton

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When one looks close enough, one can see sorcery (or magick) in every aspect of life. It is not necessary to join a coven or a cult to become initiated into sorcery. As with most wheeling and dealings in life, if one can do something by oneself then it is the most rewarding; and at […more]

Face Behind The Mask

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If we consider that a fictional entity such as a daemon or egregore can become self intelligent through the process of sustained attention then we could extend this to the idea of the self. The persona or mask, the idea one has of oneself, is likewise a thought form that develops autonomous intelligence from the […more]

A Fictional Reality

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Science and religion are both based on the idea of absolute truth; and in their zealous pursuit of purity they reject the lie in favor of this truth. The scientific method separates out the truth from the lie, that it calls falsehood; the latter carrying a less despicable connotation than the lie. Whereas in art, […more]

A Cause for Every Effect

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The field of science could be defined as the study of cause and effect, so that for a known cause the effect becomes predictable. Alternatively a given effect might be traced back to its cause. So then, what exactly is cause and effect? On one hand, cause and effect might be considered as isolated events; […more]