This website is an ongoing project and the second phase of it Natural Law has just recently begun. The first phase Beyond Thought spans 11 chapters (with an epic final 12th one under consideration).

Phase 1, Beyond Thought, has been its own project with a lot of attention and patience invested in it. The inspiration behind the writing of it however came suddenly to a halt toward the end of 2017 having run since a specific moment in late 2014. It was a good opportunity to close up that project. Its inspiration happens to be its own subject matter and, having had this outlet for expression and form, the signs are showing that Phase 1 is complete whatever its flaws.

Rather than being a regular blog, the narrative is more like a short book that the reader will ideally read from the beginning at The Idea of Truth, and progress forward from there. It is not imperative to do so but it does carry two advantages: 1) it shows the natural progression of enquiry, and 2) there are certain phrases and definitions discussed as we go along, that are reused in later posts.

Magic Terrapin is so called because of the careful and deliberate nature of the terrapin. We let nature take its time, and nothing is left undone (to paraphrase from Lao Tzu). Unlike the tortoise, the terrapin moves between the two elements of water and earth, symbolically with one foot in each world.

Over the course of time the posts on the website are revisited and modified, though usually only slightly. The intention is to make the narrative more and more presentable, and to clarify things better where deemed necessary. It is an ongoing project.

Unfortunately the style of writing might seem dry and impersonal. If so it is due to the writer’s limited experience. For the moment, because the material is completely new, it is enough to just get it out. A complete revamp of the material, perhaps even rolled into a work of fiction, will make for another project.

May your attention free you from the alluring perversions of truth.