The Inner Sun

Jul 19, 2022 | | Say something

The ideal to which man strives can be depicted symbolically as the light that casts no shadow – the shadow here being falsehood. This is the overhead sun that beats down upon our heads. It is pure and sterile. There is a more sublime light when the sun is lower in the sky, casting a shadow that contrasts with the light. Under this shadow the austerity of the midday sun is tempered by playful abandon. The setting sun invites intimacy with nature. The human affinity to this special quality is innate, not something that is learned. The adept who never laughs, who holds himself aloof, only isolates himself from the world. And as the sun revolves around the earth, casting its long and short shadows, so does one’s inner sun revolve around the self. The sense of personal accomplishment will eventually disintegrate; for life must be nourished on the entrails of the deceased. Nature is the unifying principle of life and death, and no doctrine of self purification will replicate it.

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