The Path

Jan 6, 2022 | | Say something

Among his other quirks, human has developed a natural affection for paths. When passing through the undergrowth, it is better that he rides a horse. And if there is no horse, he should follow a path to save him his troubles. We delight in nature, in both its bounty and its beauty, but without the crutch of a path this excitement can quickly turn to inconvenience. The image of a path winding under the forest canopy appeals to our sense of aesthetics. We speak of the spiritual path; we say life is a journey of the human soul. And to ascend into heaven we must climb up Jacob’s ladder.

The path is an archetype ingrained in human consciousness. Using his mind as his principle tool, human has forged a path away from the unforgiving jaws of his predators, and now finds himself cooped up safely in his ivory tower. Many of his modern idioms visually depict movement and action, a throwback to the days of adventure and romance. The path archetype is implicit. The listener relates to the hero complex, the perennial wayfarer on his quest. The ancestors who made the perilous crossing – out of chaos and into order – live on today inside him.

Logic depicts the same transformative movement. The path from premise to conclusion triggers the same satisfaction as all other paths. In a fractal universe, it is the same path. That human used the pathways of reason and logic to forge a path to freedom is no coincidence. The path replicates itself. Like the spider that weaves only its webs, so human forges his paths.

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