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The female archetype (or even stereotype!) is submissive to the stronger male. This refers to the male and female principles rather than to biological organisms. The law of the jungle thus goes along the following lines: the female submits to the power of the male.

A peacock that dandies itself with its dazzling plumage is exhibiting feminine qualities. And a lioness that tears the life out of a gazelle is exhibiting masculine qualities. The male and female principles exist within both biological males and females.

The female is more deceptive and we might attribute this to a law of tenacity: the male submits to the allure of the female. While masculine might is active, the feminine is passive. These are compensatory forces to one another; for without the Law of Compensation the world would not exist in dynamic equilibrium.

Gender is a fractal quality in that within a biological male or female there are both male and female principles that compel the host to follow their impulses. In this way a man can be dominated through his feminine side; his (Jungian) unconscious anima. And a female can become dominator by acting through the power of her masculine animus. The biological organism is thus a complex of gender roles.

According to Kabala the biological male generally spends the first half of his life in his dominant male role; and the second half in a more passive female role. For the biological female it is the reverse. The image of a powerful matriarchal figure dominating the family lineage comes to mind; while the grandfather takes on a more submissive role.

The Principle of Gender:

Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.

Gender is different from Polarity in that the male-female opposites do not have degrees of separation. For example, between hot and cold there is a spectrum of temperature. With Gender there is no spectrum; it is binary. That is not to say an individual cannot have a complex sexuality; it is the interplay of the genders that can lead to individualized sexual expression.

The interplay between genders is what facilitates transfer of power and it works in both directions. If we consider the overt precipitation of rain to be masculine, then the covert evaporation of water back into clouds is feminine. Together they make a dynamic equilibrium. If it was all one-way then the eco-system would collapse. Male is active, female is passive. Masculine predators hunt down their prey in the light of day. Feminine predators lure in their victims through camouflage and subterfuge. Of course many predators use a blend of masculine and feminine qualities.

The human male archetype is skilled in conceptualizing, in his planning and execution; his strength is his unwavering brute will that can move mountains. For the female, there is a kind of animal magnetism that can subdue or hijack the male will, enticing him through his subconscious response to accept her will thinking it his own.

This can be seen in commerce where the notion of sales implies a masculine, honest transaction for mutual profit; it is a win-win situation that builds a solid foundation for future business. However to promote the opportunity of a sale we need to attract potential buyers; this is the setting of bait. From the playful call of a bazaar merchant to sophisticated corporate branding, marketing becomes an inevitable extension to its sales counterpart. The female follows the male. It could be argued that marketing corrupts the market in that it encourages people to buy things they don’t need and to pay over the odds for it.

The market is a reflection of the collective mind and it can tolerate some ‘error’. This error might even serve as a beneficial constraint on unchecked market growth that has a long way to fall if things should go wrong. Excessive error however is catastrophic, when the market is corrupted by the female quality of marketing; when the goods that people actually need are not available for sensible prices. It is difficult to send the market into such a meltdown; but usury (or riba in Arabic) can achieve this.

Another example of the female glamoring the male is that even when we earnestly speak our truth we inevitably adopt a persuasive tone in our rhetoric. The truth or logos is an unwavering masculine quality. The rhetoric requires subtlety and cunning, giving it a feminine quality. It could be argued that rhetoric corrupts the truth as it induces an emotional response that can cloud the intellect; giving a false sense of understanding.

The seducer is always female; so in the case where the man is seducing a woman in traditional courtship he must utilize his subtle skills of persuasion. His female attributes are in charge. Meanwhile the woman of the court engages the resoluteness of the male in her steadfast resistance to his advances. In this role reversal, the one way transfer of attention demands compensation; sooner or later the female must either terminate the arrangement or else ‘do her part’ – for she can only keep her suitor interested for so long. The compensatory force now comes from man-male to woman-female in which the roles are reversed back to restore equilibrium. The woman finally submits to the will of the man and he is no longer courting her with his female side. He acts on cue to switch back to his male persona and in this moment of extraordinary authenticity the ritual is consummated.

The idea of the female as the perennial seducer has been bastardized by religion that catastrophically equates the feminine principle with the biological female. It places the blame for all unholy sexual union firmly at the feet of the biological female, even in cases of rape. This ignorance has led to an unbalanced form of patriarchy where the female is mutilated to keep her out of trouble. Unholy sexual union implies sex that is not sanctified by ritual – it is not made whole.

The male is unmovable and zealous; the female is dynamic and playful. The image of the female electron dancing provocatively around the male proton depicts glamour as a subtle hypnotic force (as in animal magnetism). The positive charge of the masculine depicts charm as a steady motivating force. Men are charming and women are glamorous.

In the role reversal played out during courtship, the man engages the trickery and persuasion of his female anima in order to disarm the resilience of the woman’s animus. It is exciting for both actors because it is a ritual that allows the unconscious to be made conscious.

The biological man is superior with his stronger physique and keener intellect. During courtship however the woman has the upper hand and the man must submit to her whims; he must act like a female. He would prefer not to; he wants to dispense with the ceremony and have her at once. And so he plays her, appealing to her with flattery and gifts. No doubt the woman is conscious of his playful deceit and finds it delightful.

In his unconscious state however the biological man is inferior; his lack of emotional awareness makes him vulnerable. While the woman begins to give in to his charms, he also starts to feel something for her – something that is unlikely to happen should he have his way with her immediately. The waiting game of courtship allows the compensatory forces to become established. She can now play with him like a toy if that is her wish. Of course history is replete with men doing a runner immediately upon consummation; but even legendary runner Giacomo Casanova was known to give everything he had during his courtships; his wallet and his soul. He mastered the ritual of giving and taking.

There are of courses cases where the woman seduces an influential man who tries initially to resist her advances. She uses the lure of her female magnetism to attract his attention, while playfully resisting his uncertain gestures with maiden-like chasteness. This duplicity will confound his sense of masculine single-mindedness. The intention is that he will follow the prompts and switch into the female seducer role; if only for brief periods before his stubbornness takes him back. Hereby she transmits the duplicity of her own conscious behavior onto his unconscious feelings. He is infected with the curse of a dilemma – he doesn’t want it and yet he wants it – and will have to fight it out internally. When his resolve thus becomes weakened she can move in for the kill; he will not be able to withstand her male animus as it dominates his subconscious anima for which he has likely had no training to protect. The female submits to the power of the male.

Again, this is a ritual in which the unconscious is made conscious. The woman feels excited in her unusual role as dominator; and the man in his role of being dominated. The surrender to a dominatrix has appealed to many men over many epochs. Her triumph is complete when the man’s self-image is ruthlessly smashed by the brutal humiliation inflicted upon him by the ‘vengeful’ dominatrix. The male psyche regresses to infant and is ritualistically laid bare before the all-powerful female; humbled at the altar of the terrible and yet wonderful Cosmic Mother. Many classical painters have elaborated on the motif of Jesus’ sacrifice being incarnated as man, suffering the humilating helplessness as he is held in the arms of the Madonna.

In the image of Kali the black Hindu goddess, she stands vengefully on the prostrate form of the god Shiva, sword in hand dripping blood. The severed head reassures the devotee, if he is conscious, that if he gives up his life for her sake – as Shiva has done – he shall find it. Otherwise she is too terrifying to behold.


Only geniuses of the highest realization can support the full revelation of the sublimity of the goddess. For lesser men she reduces her effulgence and permits herself to appear in forms concordant with their undeveloped powers.

~ Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces


When the ritual between the male and female is not played well the effects can be chaotic as the anima – rather than surrendering instead projects itself onto its tormentor. The ritual of male-female union should not be undertaken by neophytes; hubris attracts the unwanted attentions of Nemesis.

The Principle of Gender can be extended to the bond between hunter and prey. Nowadays predation is seen in simplistic terms without the setting of ritual; a one-way flow of life force between aggressor and victim. This view is only half right. What it leaves out is the ‘ritual’ of the hunt wherein the victim is compensated. This ritual serves to integrate the male and female genders and elevate the consciousness of the two protagonists, the predator and the prey, to the ritual itself. In short, there is such a thing as a good death.

When the predator assimilates its prey – this happens during the hunt as well as after the kill – its identity as predator undergoes a transformation. Through the act of assimilation it is now predator plus prey. It is a dual identity in which the hunter and the hunted become one. While the predator carries out its biological imperative in slaughtering its prey, it necessarily identifies with it; for humans this occurs through witnessing the trauma that the prey suffers. The indigenous hunters that honored their prey with animal totems were no doubt conscious of this suffering in the aftermath of the hunt; they needed to resolve the trauma of the killing necessary for their survival. This hunting ritual later filtered down to the dinner table as gratitude to the Lord.

Conversely the prey upon being ingested by the predator – a process that happens during the chase as well as the kill – unconsciously takes on the identity of the predator as an annex to itself. It is a psychological intrusion of an alter-ego that the prey struggles to resist even before it is caught. Those who have been stalked in real life know this overbearing sense of invasion that signals immediate danger. It is as if the stalker manages to remote project himself into the victim’s own psyche. The victim faces a terrible dilemma as he switches back and forth between his identity as victim and the new more powerful one being imposed on him and seeking to destroy the other. This sympathetic identification with the perpetrator known as Stockholm Syndrome actually offers a resolution to the prey’s trauma. He inherits the predator’s mind as he is overpowered.

Every proficient stalker or psychopath understands the psychology of the hunt. When his target is human he can stage it so the prey comes so bewildered they see their predicament as a kind of supernatural attack; thus rendering him even more vulnerable. The predator may even believe in his own supernatural powers. The accounts of gangstalking as a method of psychological warfare are testament to this. There are two ways to protect oneself: stay out of trouble in the first place, or become master of your own psyche. The latter is more difficult.

It is difficult to stay out of trouble however; for even speech and sound can be weaponized. When we speak we transmit specific signals and frequencies that are picked up by other beings. In a chorus of frogs there is strong resonance between them. In the slow drum beat of a shaman there is resonance. This resonance is a binding force.

While we have been taught communication as a means to transfer truth or logos – the spoken word – we have forgotten that speech is the finest weapon of all. The moment a sentient creature resonates with the sound emitted by another, a bond is established between them and the process of mutual annexation (predation) begins. The roar of a lion will subdue an animal so it will freeze in its tracks. The cross-examining style of the Socratic method, using the victim’s own arguments against himself, will likewise subdue a human being without ever lifting a finger.

Our psyches are being continually bombarded with sounds and shapes, colors and composites. And we are defenseless against it. Thankfully most of the predators emit garbled noises that have a very weak net effect. The effect is dissonance rather than resonance. There are those that walk among us however that spend their lives honing these talents to ensnare their victims, not necessarily by means of physical harm but a kind of psychic vampirism. Many do it unconsciously, but those who do it consciously become adepts in these dark arts.

The human organism transforms invisible psychic or emotional states into visible physical symptoms through the somatic nervous system. The placebo/nocebo effect for example. Adverse effects can be measured and then treated in the invisible plane through techniques such as trauma counseling; the physical symptoms can be healed through suggestion and persuasion. That is the power of sound.

Language and the spoken word present one of the biggest mysteries of all. The sounds when strung together induce a psychosomatic response in the human organism; a pairing of frequencies. The space that physically separates the speaker and listener in that sense is illusory. Sound like music is replete with persuasive tones and nuances; it resonates within the body and compels us to feel and act. The animal is triggered by nervous emotion to behave in a predictable way. When predator and prey both emit the same frequency their fate is bound together. Destiny.

In advanced animal societies such as sapiens, the controllers have learned to corral the herd through persuasion and deception. Our psyches are bombarded by television and media and so again we are prone to bouts of Stockholm Syndrome with our invisible oppressors. We are caught in a dilemma that we should resist it and yet we also want it. We transmit this prey signature; the beacon that signals to the hunters among us.

It is not enough to simply lay the blame squarely with the ‘oppressors’. Breaking this cycle cannot be achieved by brute force alone. For the prey inherits the predator mindset just as the predator inherits the prey victim mindset. To defeat them, you must first know yourself.


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