Tortoise and The Hare

Apr 4, 2020 | | Say something

MATTER is what is substantial and observable; nothing else has these qualities. Anti-matter is not a thing. If anti-matter was a thing it would be matter.

While matter exists as certainty, anti-matter does exist as possibility. If something has the possibility to exist then it must exist (like complex numbers in mathematics). But it must exist in a fictional domain outside of matter. You know, the same place where unicorns live. Where ideas, beliefs and other such incorporeal entities reside. In mind.

Anti-matter exists as MIND. This quantum state of anti-matter is an extension of the fixed state of matter; they are not separate. There is no certainty with anti-matter; only possibility. Just as there can be no possibility with matter; only certainty.

In its quantum state of possibility the mind feels compelled to understand the world in terms of certainty. This is what it calls logos; the art of truth-making via reason. In other words, since certainty pertains to matter, mind is driven to transform itself into matter. Ideas (possibility) in thought-space roll out as technology (certainty) in the real world.

The ultimate scientific and philosophical goal is to make a unified theory of everything. The mind tries very hard to attain this goal in its quest to transform itself from possibility into certainty. Should it (hypothetically!) succeed in this herculean effort, everything would eventually become matter and there will be nothing left of mind.

The so-called laws of nature can only exist as possibility; for it is nature that exists as certainty. To strive towards finding certainty in these laws of nature is to pander to a profound and catastrophic contradiction. In its unambiguous attraction to certainty, mind should instead just be mindful of nature.

The mind is a quantum field of possibility; from which certainty emanates as matter (and vice versa). Mind may feel certain of something, or believe in the certainty of something, be it God or fairies or simply that grass is green. So long as someone is thinking about it, the unicorn is there.

The living organism is the interface between mind and matter; the placebo/nocebo effect is proof that cultivated certainty can and does manifest as matter. While imagining a unicorn is harmless (and in any case unsustainable for significant periods of time), it’s the stubborn and sustained belief in unicorns that has unfortunate effects. Dogmatic belief affects the host through the nervous system; and from there it can wreak havoc upon the world.

Being on such a collective grand scale, the dogmatic belief in the laws of physics has a more devastating effect. The collapse of the quantum wavefunction is certainty precipitating like a crystal out of the vast ocean of possibility; this is what matter is. That’s why the scientific method is unavoidably so intrusive of nature.

The scientific evidence that augments faith in the scientific method makes it an almost unstoppable force of anti-nature. It is no different to how faith in God begets religious affirmations; with these affirmations in turn begetting more faith. Evidence is scientific affirmation that encourages incessant scientific activity. As this progresses zealously ahead, certainty continues to infuse itself within matter.

The mental and spiritual efforts of the scientist and priest never achieve the end goal; that is impossible. The scientific method requires an infinite number of testing-hypothesis iterations to reach its unified theory; just as it requires an infinite number of prayers to reach God. This alludes to Zeno of Elea’s Tortoise and Hare paradox the argument being that the hare cannot catch the tortoise because whenever it reaches the tortoise’s previous position, the tortoise has already advanced a small distance. In reality of course the hare effortlessly overtakes the tortoise and wins the race!

The paradox can be nicely repackaged as a parody of the scientific method itself by considering the irrational number Pi. The knowledgeable man applies his rational and mental faculties to compute Pi to more and more decimal places. His efforts take him closer and closer to the final number; but alas he never arrives. He is driven on and on; his purpose unwavering. The wise man takes a pencil and compass and with a deft sleight of hand he draws Pi to perfection. His work complete, he then goes outside and chops wood and carries water.

History has witnessed how religious belief with its unwavering fixation on the quantum possibility of God manifests as the certainty of genocide and war. Likewise, the unwavering belief in the laws of physics (and this applies to rationalism in general) manifests as rampant technology; and war. It starts off in harmless fashion; as every uncrossed river requires a bridge. Rail tracks begin to sprawl out across the wild country connecting towns and bringing happiness and prosperity. And then several generations later it has overrun the entire country. The drab concrete buildings you see outside your window? That is the ‘new’ nature.

There is no moral imperative attached to any of this; this is just mind becoming aware of mind. As human reason emerged over thousands of years to be the game changer in natural selection, now it is clear that what was once the facilitator of human survival in hostile terrain is now the principal obstacle. The new human will have to transcend this error in order to evolve into the next stage of favorable natural selection. He will have to understand the flaws of his own rationalism.

Metaphorically (and perhaps literally) we are witnessing an invasion of ‘spiritual entities’ from the netherworlds fashioned out of our own fantasy. Devils created from the virtual reality generators of our collective imagination. Isn’t that why we are so fascinated by the terrible tales and films depicting such formidable grim enemies and the final awakening from the dark night of the soul? There’s a real possibility that it might be true! Through the folk tales and epic mythologies, our ancestors did try to warn us!


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