The Curious Leap of Faith

Jan 21, 2016 | | Say something

There are things we want to believe simply because an idea is attractive. It can be quite persuasive. But instead of seeing that it is impossible to fully understand an idea – which would mean having to abandon it – the mind betrays its own logic and makes a leap of faith.

How an idea is created in the first place is a mystery, for how can anything other than truth exist? And how on earth do we cling to these ideas and beliefs, giving them permanence?

The leap of faith is a curious process in which serious fraud is committed. The idea is a lie… and the process of endorsing it is the act of fraud. The leap of faith takes us to a place that doesn’t exist, a fictitious world where the word becomes the truth, where the idea is understood. We simply pretend. It is a separate dimension, like a cloud of a storyteller’s imagination that completely engulfs the infinitissimal wavepoint of truth, of ‘what is’. And it is our continued belief that sustains this world, as we jump from one idea to another.

In order to commit such fraud one must of course be unaware of doing so, otherwise one simply would not do it. The fraud therefore becomes the subconscious… it IS the subconscious. The subconscious serves as a repository of trauma and harm.

The movement away from truth is what establishes the conflict. Then when we wish to end conflict, we try to just reverse the movement to get back to truth. But it is the movement itself that is the conflict. There is no truth at all in this fictitious domain, no ‘path’ that will lead out of it… and seeing the truth of this is the only freedom that is available to us.


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